Is The Samoyed the Dog For Me?

by Jenny Turner

Have you just discovered what we Samoyed lovers have always known: that the Samoyed is the best looking breed in the dog world? Would you like to know if the Samoyed is the right breed for your lifestyle?

As each breed of dog has a unique personality, it’s important to choose the right breed for your family. When deciding which breed of dog best suits your needs, be honest with yourself. Yes, a Samoyed is a beautiful looking dog, but that coat needs a large commitment from you, so if your first reaction is “No way, I don’t have the time or energy”, then that’s probably the decision to stay with, and go for a breed that’s not as high maintenance.

For each pro you’ll find a con to give you an honest perspective. We hope this information will help you to make an informed decision as to whether the Samoyed is the breed for you.

Samoyeds are considered reliable with children.
Because of their size and activity level, supervision is necessary in case they jump up on children. 

Samoyeds need and expect to be included in family activities whenever possible. They make ideal companions.
A Samoyed needs to be allowed inside the house to spend time with the family, and needs lots of love and attention.

The coat does not have a typical doggy odour.
Regular grooming is a must to remove dirt and dead hair (and the odour with it) and prevent the coat from developing knots.

The coat naturally repels dirt so frequent bathing is not necessary if coat is in good condition.
The coat acts as Velcro when out walking and will pick up every twig and burr, and mud splashes easily onto the dog’s belly.

The Samoyed loses very little fur around the house if groomed regularly.
Regular grooming is essential, especially when shedding. This is when fur can be found everywhere and in large quantities and when the coat is most likely to matt.

The Samoyed is a highly intelligent dog. It learns what you expect very quickly.
It is also a very independent thinker, and will often add its own interpretations when obeying your request. They require consistent training from a young age and do not respond well to negatives or punishment. Positive reinforcement is the best training method to use.

Being very adaptable, the Samoyed is just as comfortable on a small block as it is on large acres.
If the Samoyed has no stimulation in his environment, he may begin destructive chewing, digging or nuisance barking. He will require regular long walks and something to occupy his time when you are not home.

Samoyeds are content to be confined in a 6ft fenced yard when you are not home.
Samoyeds are escape artists. Being very friendly dogs who enjoy a ride in a car, they are not choosy about make, model or driver, hence many are lost or stolen in this way. You must have a secure, fenced, dog-proof yard to hold a Samoyed.

You will always know when someone is approaching. (Though intruders will probably be welcomed.)
The fact that they are vocal dogs when excited may annoy the neighbours; therefore keeping them occupied is a must.

Remember: That cute little puppy will grow into a full-sized dog, with a coat to match. Puppy coats are a breeze; adult coats are lots of work. Amusing bad habits in puppies can be serious problems in adult dogs; therefore, don’t allow a puppy to do what you don’t want a full grown dog to do. Always buy a puppy from a reputable breeder or rescue a dog that has been temperament tested and health checked.

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