Cotton Candy

(aka Fairy Floss in Australia)
by Alan R. Thompson, in memory of Princess

The smell is delicately sweet like the personality of a Sammy.

A Samoyed’s love is like the soft fluffy touch of cotton candy fresh out of the machine.

The thought of cotton candy evokes memories of carnivals and circuses from days long past; memories so similar to the memories of my first Sammy of a lifetime ago:

~the joy and excitement . . . of them coming to town . . . of coming home each day to a Sammy so happy to see me again;

~ the thrill and awe . . . of the great feats of skill and strength of the performers . . . of the tricks and games and the obvious intelligence of the Sammy;

~ the disappointment and sadness . . . when they packed up and left town . . . when my beloved Sammy took her last breath and quietly died in my arms.

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