Valentine’s Day At The Rainbow Bridge

A Fable
by Rosemary Babb

Every Valentine’s Day, the very air around the Rainbow Bridge begins to shimmer, and the light grows softer and yet brighter. A special hush falls over the waiting animals, and they gather near the Bridge, for they know the Rose Angel is coming.

As the Rose Angel approaches, it can be seen to be an especially beautiful Being of Light. This Being is neither male nor female, because angels are beyond such concerns. But perhaps, for purposes of this fable, we will refer to this Being as male. This figure is wreathed in the glowing rose color of the heart, with swirls of paler pinks, soft apricots, and that beautiful deep coral pink that is the color of Spiritual love, as well as soft glints of gold, silver, greens, and blues. As the Angel draws nearer, bringing with him the fragrance of a rose garden in spring and the sound of chimes, a form can be seen within the glowing light. This form wears rose colored robes, and there is the look of wings about his shoulders. 

None of the animals, even those whose time among people was not happy, shows any hesitation. All draw as close to him as possible, but there is no pushing or impatience. Each knows it will get its own special time with the Angel, and none will be overlooked. For Love overlooks nothing and no one.

The Angel has a gentle touch, a hug or a pat, and perhaps a kiss for each animal, depending on what it most wants and needs. And for each, he has a very special gift. This gift is a Valentine of softly sparkling light, created especially for each from the very essence of Love. For those who are waiting for a special person, this Valentine contains all the love that person feels for them, which is surely enough to fill any heart, as well as the love of God. For who have not had anyone to wait for, this Valentine contains a special balm for loneliness, the love of those on Earth who cherish animals, and the love of God as well. Each Valentine shimmers with light, and as the Angel presents each, its light enters the animal’s heart and sets up an answering glow.

And a voice within whispers, “You are greatly loved, for all eternity, throughout all time and space. The past is over, except for its beauty and its wonders, which will bless you forever. Those who are bound to you with the ties of love, will be with you always.” 

And for each one, another gift is included. The essence of Faith, Courage, Peace, Healing, or whatever else is needed, also comes wrapped in this shimmering light.

The Angel spends a long time at the Bridge, making sure each animal has all the time it needs with him. Finally, it is time for him to leave, for there is also much to do on Earth this day. He stretches out his arms, spreading his wings over all, and somehow in that gesture he touches and blesses each animal one more time. And then he quietly moves on, leaving behind contentment, the fragrance of roses, soft chimes on the air, and a glow within each heart that never fades.

Copyright 1998 – 2009 by Rosemary Babb.

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