Westminster Fantasy, With Meri

by Rosemary Babb

We didn’t want to show or breed, so Meri (Dasha’s Moonlight on Roses) is spayed. But not only is Meri the most gorgeous Sammy ever born, 🙂 she could win anything, from BIS at the National to a Boy Scout knot-tying contest (do they really have those?) on charisma alone.

Boy Scouts: ” She isn’t even a Boy Scout. She isn’t even a boy. She can’t even tie a knot, etc.”
Judge: ” Don’t be picky.”

Every year around this time, I have the most wonderful fantasy. It’s the first day of Westminster, and Meri and I are strolling around. (I don’t know how she is there, since she couldn’t be entered. Don’t be picky.) The BIS judge is also walking around. He sees Meri. She beams and sparkles. Enchanted, he approaches. She completely zaps him.

Judge: ” This is the best moment of my entire life.”
Meri: ” It’s about to get even better.”

Soon there is an announcement on the PA system: ” Best in Show has already been chosen. We don’t want to waste your time, so you can all go home now. If you can’t get a refund on your hotel, there is some great sightseeing you can do.”

Meri and the judge stroll off, hand in hand. (Paw in hand? Leash in hand?)

Judge: “How do you like your nice trophy?”
Meri: “Does that come with steak?”
Judge: “Get the lady a steak. Meri, will you come live with me?”
Meri: “Well, it’s a very nice offer, but I have so many other commitments. And my mom and dad would miss me.”
Judge: “I understand completely. Just come visit when you can, will you?”

Rosemary & Meri the sparkling Sammy girl, BIS around here

Copyright Rosemary Babb.

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